Worship Ministry

Who we are

A people who love to worship

"Ascribe to the Lord the glory due his name; worship the Lord in the splendor of his holiness." — Psalm 29:2

The term worship can be used within many contexts; individual or joint prayer, reading, serving, and of course singing praises, to name a few. There are so many ways in which each of us can offer our worship to the Lord.

It's when we come together to worship that we find encouragement for all things which are important to our Christian walk. It is a time of spiritual refreshment. Author David Mathis states in an article titled “Your Single Most Important Habit”: “The reason corporate worship may be the single most important Christian habit, and our greatest weapon in the fight for joy, is because like no other single habit, corporate worship combines all three essential principles of God’s ongoing supply of grace for the Christian life: hearing his voice (in his word), having his ear (in prayer), and belonging to his body (in the fellowship of the church).”


What we do

Create an atmosphere of worship

Here at Shiloh Christian Centre, we invite people to worship liberally, and to receive the spiritual refreshment that God so freely offers to each of us.

During our time of praise and worship, we express our love and adoration to Jesus through both traditional and contemporary music. Worship services are multigenerational, and typically incorporate songs from different eras of Christian music.

Amateur musicians are encouraged and supported to learn and develop their gift of music within our worship team.

Each week, a different individual or family group from our congregation will share a “special”, so that members can share music that has been personally impactful to them.

drums, guitar, tambourine and piano