Perplexed by questions you don’t dare ask? Try Alpha!

Why am I here? 

What is the meaning of life?

Is all there is?

Who is Jesus? 

And why did he have to die?

In many conversations, these questions are taboo. They’re kept hush-hush below the surface where you can never face them head on. But life’s big questions deserve to be pondered and asked, and the answers should not remain elusive. Come with us on a journey of discovery and faith by joining an Alpha group. Consider Jesus’ answers to the big questions of life.

Each week in our groups, we watch a 20-30 minute video and then discuss it together. It’s a safe place to make new friends, ask your questions, and share your views.

Interested? You have two choices. One group is meeting in person at Shiloh, the other is meeting on Zoom.

Alpha In Person At Shiloh

To join the Alpha group meeting in person at Shiloh every Thursday evening at 7 pm from September 23 to December 9, contact Rev. Hartley Smith using this form: 

Alpha on Zoom

To join the Online Alpha group meeting on Zoom every Tuesday evening at 7:10 pm from September 14 to November 30, contact Faith using this form:

Wendy Lambert

Wendy's heart for the nations took her on a 21 year stint of teaching ESL in Taiwan.

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