Our History

In the Beginning - 1977

During the summer of 1977, a dream came true on the shores of Cameron Lake in the beautiful Kawartha Lakes area of Ontario Canada.

Through God’s provision, the board of our existing Bible College and summer Bible Camp joined forces to establish a joint home here in Fenelon Falls at what is now Shiloh Christian Centre.

The first family to reside on this property was Rev. Winston and Joan Cross and their five children. Having moved from eastern Ontario to Lindsay two years prior, this would be the property that the Cross family would call home. Soon to follow were the students and live-in faculty of the Eastern Canadian Apostolic Bible Institute, started three years prior in Lindsay.

The Manor

This 25-acre property would now house the Bible College, a church, and camp facilities. The main building, known as “The Manor” was a former hockey school, complete with kitchen, dining hall, lounge, dorm rooms, and meeting rooms.

The Original Board

Original Board in 1977

The original Board of Directors – left to right:
Back row: Jim Peirce, Jerry McAuley, Bob Brohm, Burrell Cross
Front row: Winston Cross, Philip Boyd, Jerry Wood

The original board of Shiloh Christian Centre was committed in their vision for a place where people from central and southern Ontario could gather and focus their energies and finances into a joint home for the Bible School and camp. Many changes were made during those first years. Community support was overwhelming and the Lord richly blessed.

Shiloh Bible College - 1977-1994

The first graduating class of Shiloh Bible College May 1980

Shiloh Bible College drew students from all across Canada, offering a three-year diploma program with some of the best Bible teachers and ministers as faculty.

The Bible School students and local congregation faced many challenges during those early years at Shiloh Christian Centre. Great friendships were formed, sweat and tears abounded, and fears were swept away as God continued to show his faithfulness to a people of great faith. The Bible School continued full-time until April 1991, with night school courses being offered until April 1994.

Expansion of the Manor

The church congregation grew and Shiloh was faced with the daunting task of making more space available. So, with pick, axe and wheelbarrows, the lower basement area of the Manor was dug out through almost 4 feet of shale to make room for a chapel. Many of the congregation and students put countless hours into this project, with much of the work being done by the Boyd girls.

Just as this project got underway, Pastor Winston Cross was getting ready to leave for two weeks for other duties and made the comment that they had better not have it all done by the time he returned. This turned out to be a big joke, because the job took about 2 months, with people working every night.

Summer Tent Meetings

The need for space continued for the camps throughout the summers. Having many years experience pitching a tent for various camp meetings throughout Ontario, the only logical choice was once again a tent for the week-long camp services. Now, we are not just talking about the pop-up kind for Boy Scouts. It was quite a venture (or should I say adventure), as you can see from the pictures that follow.

The Church Building

Turning the first bit of sod where the new Shiloh Christian Church will be is Rev. Burrell Cross, watched by, left to right, Jim Marshall, Jerry McAuley, Rev. J. O. Moore – presbyter of the ACOP of Ontario, Bob Brohm, Winston Cross – Sr. Pastor, Scott Cross – Associate Pastor, Brian Farmer – Associate Pastor, and John Butler.

The congregation continued to grow and once again the church was faced with needing more space. A big leap of faith saw the beginning of a new era with a Sod Turning Ceremony in April of 1989.

Read the local newspaper report.

And so it started to take shape . . .

The first Sunday morning service in the new church building was held in January 1992.

And today, we celebrate...

Celebrating God's goodness

The property continues to evolve – “The Manor” and other older buildings have been torn down to make way for the new church; the Bible School is no longer operating; the church congregation and summer camps continue to grow; a business office building is currently under renovation; and cottages are rented out for vacationers during the summer months. The Lord has given this property to be used for His glory and we have just begun...

Over these 30 plus years, we have continued with the emphasis on youth ministries, leadership training and opportunities to reach the unchurched. Young people have gone out from Shiloh Christian Centre to minister throughout Ontario, North and South America, and Africa.


We welcome each and every one to join us for a Sunday or week day meeting. If you are in the area, please stop by.

Come and belong!

“unto Him shall the gathering of the people be.”   Genesis 49:10