Missions Task Force

The Missions Task Force, headed by Bill Lewis -- the founder of Into All The World, was formed in 2015. Its three members work to promote overseas missions in the local church by

  1. Educating all ages about missions
  2. Planning and hosting an annual missions conference --usually held in January
  3. Setting and reaching an annual missions budget
  4. Keeping in touch with our missions contacts and keeping the congregation informed
  5. Encouraging members to get involved with short term mission opportunities overseas
  6. Seeking innovative methods of involving the congregation in missions and informed prayer

What's the difference?

  • A reached ethnic group is over 2% evangelical Christian. About 10,000 groups fit this category.
  • An unreached ethnic group is less than 2% Christian, but there are people there working to reach them. For example the Afar of the Horn of Africa -- a population of around 2 million, but only about 300 Christians. There are about 5,000 of these groups in the world.
  • An unengaged group has no one reaching out to them as of yet -- no church, no pastors, no known Christian, and mostly with no Bible/scripture in their language. There are about a thousand of these groups. If you want to know more contact

Prayer Changes Things

The church in 2015 began to pray for an unengaged ethnic group in Africa. They had no Christians, no church, no workers sharing Christ. Shiloh members began to pray the prayer Jesus asked us to pray. “Father send labourers to XXX tribe in Africa.” We rejoice to know that today there is a couple finishing up their Arabic studies who will be on site by the end of this year, God willing.

Encouraged by answered prayer, we now pray for the Zoe of Brazil. The Zoe live along the Cuminapanema River. They have had contact with Protestant missionaries before. In 1982, Evangelical missionaries from the Missao Novas Tribos do Brasil (New Tribes Mission of Brazil) made an uneasy contact with the Zoe. Occasional contacts were made over the next five years, but in 1987 the missionaries were fired at with arrows. Because their health was not good, the Zoe retreated into isolation from the outside world. It was then decided that the Zoe could have contact with other people according to their own terms. They have since shown that they want relations with white people and are curious about the world around them. They also want to meet other aboriginals. Pray for labourers to take the good news to the Zoe.

Missions Day

Our guest speaker at Missions Day 2019 was Adam Shepski of 'Youth For Christ' (YFC). He shared with us about Prayer Evangelism and had many stories to share about his involvement in this both locally and around the world. Prayer Evangelism grows out of who we are in Christ. We've been given the divine nature itself. We are a royal priesthood with unveiled intimacy with God. God has given us an "all-inclusive" ticket to heaven, so we have much to enjoy and an abundance to tap into when we pray. Since the gospel is transforming and since we have this bold and confident access to God, when we pray for someone, we can expect something to happen.

Sonrise Orphan Care

An ACOP project in Zimbabwe, Mozambique, Malawi


The children at Shiloh support the Sonrise Widow and Orphan Program in Zimbabwe, Mozambique and Malawi. The last Sunday of each month a second 'coin' offering is received which goes to this project. From time to time the Sunday School will also organize a lemon-aid and cookie time after the service where donations add to the money raised. The children are greatly encouraged that they can send between $600 and $1000 a year to help with orphan care.


Into All the World -- Missions Team Leaders

Into All the World -- Missions Team

Our Missionaries

We are currently supporting the following missionaries financially, as well as in prayer:

Martin Chipp-Smith – Local ‘Youth Unlimited’ Representative

One of our own young men, Martin, is on staff with Youth Unlimited in this area. He seeks to encourage young people in their lives as well as point them to Jesus, the giver of life.

Josh – Ministry to Muslims

One of our fellowship’s members is working in the Arab world to show and tell of the love of Jesus.

Into All the World

Into All The World is a “missions enabling agency” founded in 1982. Shiloh has worked with 'Into All The World' mission since 2005. A number of IATW missionaries have spoken at Shiloh and brought great encouragement. For a number of years, IATW held a teen training camp for missions on the Shiloh property and included Shiloh staff in the training. A number of the youth of Shiloh have gone to Belize, Kenya and Zanzibar on short term trips.

'Into All the World' is informing us more and more of the need to finish the great commission. They have been introducing the congregation to such organizations as finishingthetask.org and 24:14now.net, whose name is taken from Matthew 24:14 “This Gospel of the Kingdom will be preached to all “ethne” as a witness, and then the end shall come. Even so, come Lord Jesus.

Join a Summer Missions Team

Monarch Camps is looking for Summer Missionaries to help run their camps in Kawartha Lakes and Haliburton Highlands. [More details and application form on Monarch's website]