Children’s Ministry

Joy Cross, Sunday School Director

Raised in a pastor's home, I've been working with kids of all ages for most of my life. After high school, I went to Bible college and completed the 3 year program. My favourite courses were anything to do with teaching God's Word. I have now been teaching for more than 30 years and am honoured to teach the 2nd generation of families. I am called 'Aunt Joy' by more than 400 kids I have taught in Canada, and several hundred in Africa. I believe God's greatest calling is to share Him with others and watch them grow and flourish as they grasp the reality of God.

Our program is geared so that children stay upstairs for praise and worship, but come downstairs for their classes. I believe that we learn a lot by example and when possible, learning these things by experiencing them with the older generations is a true gift. Depending on the morning speaker, classes are approximately 30-45 minutes long, and may include stories, games, crafts, short videos, and playtime for the nursery class.

Child safety is important to us and we are diligent in our efforts to monitor the children's actions until they are returned to their guardians.

Come and join us and be blessed.



Sunday School

The children participate in the worship time with everyone and go downstairs for Sunday School at about 11:15 while the adults listen to the morning sermon. Access to the children's church area is limited to children and designated leadership. Our Sunday School teachers minister to your children under the youth protection policy, providing a safe environment within which your children can grow and learn.

Sunday School Teachers

Joy, Faith, Jocelyn and Naomi teach the kids' classes